"Michael Cooper's Masked Marvels is as subtle as it is high speed. Think of Spaulding Gray crossed with Superman, plus an amazing array of masks...Best of all was the Giant on stilts. Creating his vast self before our eyes, he began dancing on bare tiptoes with a grace that proved surprisingly beautiful..."

The Irish Times

"He enthralled young and old, and ignited an entire audience's imagination...Michael brings his wonderful characters to life with the most marvelously, strikingly beautiful masks I have ever seen."

Caroline Seaton-Lyon, Church Hill Theater, Church Hill MD

"...an exquisite performer who captivates his audience with his skill and sincerity...he never lost his gentle warmth and he always had them in the palm of his hand. I was as charmed by the person as I was by the performer."

Susan McDonald, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Champaign-Urbana IL

"One of our highest rated artists! Michael is an 'Artistic MacGyver' and sure to delight any audience."

Richard Hordenburg, Circle Theater, Grand Rapids MI

"The public loved it. So did the theater managers and the critics. Not to mention ourselves!"

Philipien van Huet, Depuut Festival, Arnhem Holland

"Terrific! Michael is an artist and a gentleman. He received five standing ovations."

Nancy Goldstein, The Center of Contemporary Arts, University City MO

"We have Mr. Cooper back every year. He never ceases to delight and amaze our audiences"

Norb Burkowski, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

"...a huge success and a consummate professional entertainer"

Gail McNair, University of Nebraska, Lincoln NE

"Superb artistry! The show was enjoyed by adults and children alike - the adults probably even more so because they were able to reexperience their childlike sense of wonder and magic."

Susan Gramling, The Arts Center, Carrboro NC

"His spirit and enthusiasm were unmatched, and his insights and observations about life could be understood by people of all ages."

Burl Hash, The Maine Festival, Brunswick ME

"How do I describe Michael ? When I first met him I thought I had never met anyone who held on so tenderly or so tightly to their roots. I was very touched and intrigued .

I was not accustomed to people my age speaking about their family so passionately and so devotedly. I was much more familiar with this type of talk being brief and passed over relatively quickly. People seemed to be more concerned with their independence, their current situation. Michael, on the otherhand seemed determined to honor and remember everything about where he came from. While other performers were building careers on trends and fashion he was interested in what is enduring, what lasts. It's not that common.

There is plenty of trite, sentimental theater out there that exploits home and family in the most superficial, unimaginative ways. Michael does not do that. He genuinely digs to find and illuminate what is most essential , simple and, ironically, most mysterious about our lives .The world needs more performers like him because sometimes the things that are most common to our lives, the things we think we know the most about are the very things that we leave most unexplored."

Note From a Friend