(Nine Questions I Periodically Ask Myself)

1. Does my show make people want to sit back and be entertained , or does it inspire their creativity?

2. Are the members of my audience left with a desire to possess art, or are they curious to create their own?

3. Do my masks make others think that creativity is rare and costly, or that sublime art can be made from common materials, recycled materials, even junk?

4. Are my "moves" merely an attempt to impress, or are they meant to show young men as well as young women the joy and range and freedom of physical expression?

5. Does my show always looked well rehearsed, or will I risk looking foolish while I try something new?

6. Do my stories supply every last detail, or do they leave spaces for the audience to fill in with their own images and thoughts and questions?

7. Is the fun I have with my volunteers at their expense, or does everyone leave the stage with a sense of accomplishment?

8. Does my audience think I'm a self-made man, or do my performances honor my family and my teachers?

9. Is my theater meant to seem miraculous, or, when asked, am I willing to give away my secrets?